Surviving Assault and Social Discrimination

May 20, 2018

Annie was from Sindhupalchowk.  Her father died during the conflict, and her mother ran off with another man and they are now both alcoholics.

After the death of her father, her mother come to Kathmandu with Annie and her sister, and put both of them into two different families as domestic workers. Annie worked in the house of a family who ran a restaurant.  Here, Annie was approached by a woman promising to take her to a good place where she could get good education.

Annie was taken to Sanepa, where a man and children was living in rent. He has just lost his wife, and was looking for a maid to look after the children.  However soon, the man became sexually provocative and said he would marry her.  Then he tried to rape Annie. Annie ran away but didn't know where to go, so she went back to the restaurant owner's family. They started to verbally abuse her and accuse her of being pregnant, making it impossible to stay there.

Luckily, she had heard of another organisation, CWISH in school, and called them for help.  They referred her to Asha Nepal.

After she came to us, she started her education,  getting a distinction!  Annie has turned 18 now, and recently we reintegrated her into our community near to our office. She is living under the supervision of Asha, studying in grade 11 and is very focused in her education. Currently she is helping as an Intern in our Job Coordination Program.