A little about us...

Asha is a care and support-based organisation. All the activities we do are from our learning experiences in dealing with the girls we work with, who have been trafficked, abused or at high risk. Our key areas of focus are the victims of international and internal trafficking into the sex industries of India and Nepal, and girls who have been abused. Through prevention, education, rehabilitation, healthcare, and advocacy,  Asha Nepal works to improve the lives of women and children.

Our services address the need of the destitute girls and their families, working with them continuously. We provide safe shelter and food for these girls, with the aim of reintegrating them into the community and society. Asha is there for long-term support for our girls, so there is sustainable change in the lives of the whole family.

Asha Nepal is working to raise the social status of these survivors, so they can break free from the vicious cycle of abuse and violence. We provide a holistic approach, with a focus on an individualised care plan for each girl and each family, based on their unique needs. Our strength is in working in-depth with the whole family to create sustainable change.  

Our Social Welfare Team consists of trained and experienced Nepali women, including a Case Manager, two Counsellors, a Social Worker, two Social Mobilisers and a Nurse. 

We undertake many activities including: mindfulness practice, winter camp, life skill-based workshop, futsal (5-a-side football), women wellness workshop.  All of the activities we provide aim for the empowerment and well-being of every child served by Asha.

We would like to thank our honorable team for their commitment and relentless effort. 



From the bottom of our hearts, we would also like to thank our partners, friends and supporters for their contribution in making Asha’s programs successful. 



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Where we started...

We were founded from the UK in 2000 and worked with NGOs in Nepal since 1997. Aware of a lack of person-centered support, Asha started to run its own grassroots programs since 2008. The programs in Nepal are now run by our team of dedicated Nepali women, working on the ground, fighting for the rights of women and girls in Nepal.  

Asha Nepal registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nepal in 2008, to work with women and children whose lives have been disrupted by gender-based violence in the form of trafficking, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, domestic slavery and severe domestic violence.

Over time, our projects have evolved as our understanding has changed.  The Children’s Residential Centre which housed up to 20 children was changed into several Family Group Homes, to give a family environment with a house mother, rather than the institutionalised feel of a large centre.  We noticed an improvement in the children's well-being, so in 2018, we also changed our Teenage Girls' Residential Centre of 12 girls into two smaller unit Family Group Homes. 

The UK and Nepal organisations operate in partnership. 

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Change is possible, one life at a time...