My story of traffikking

March 30, 2018

My name is Sita. My permanent house is in Sindhupalchowk district. I am from a lower class family. We were 7 members at home - 5 children including parents. I had to do every household work even in my childhood so that I could not get opportunities to study in school. I had to work at home from early morning till late night . The hardworking at home made me so weak so I decided to leave home and went to Kathmandu without telling anything to my parents. I started to work in carpet factory in Kathmandu.

After some months the owner of the carpet factory said that he would give us better work than in the carpet factory and he took me and my friend to Gorakhpur (a state of India). He kept us in his friend's house for some days and then took us to a different place to work. There he introduced us to a woman and said that she is his sister and she will provide a job to us and we have to go with her in next day morning. We were very happy at that time because we were going to get a job from next day. Then next day we went with this women and the carpet owner said that he would go back to Nepal and bring our parents to meet us there in Gorakhpur. When we reached the woman's house we found that she was not a good women but a brothel owner. She told us everything about our work and threatened us that if we don't work there she will shift us to a different brothel. We didn't have any way to get out from there and were compelled to work there even though it was a hell-like life.

During this time I and my friend planned to run away but the women knew about our plan and sold my friend to another brothel. I was there for three years but all the time I was thinking how to get out from there. Then I was able run from there with the help of a customer. I had about 3-4000 rupees with me.

So I came back to Nepal from India. In Nepal I went to Community police in Chabahil and registered the case against the carpet owner. The police went to search but the carpet owner had already run away from there and he could not be arrested. I didn't have anywhere to go. I didn't know the way to go back to home. So I stayed in the community police for some days.

During these days I became close to a policeman who also fell in love with me. Then I became pregnant and started to live with him in a room. But later on I found that he was already married and she was also pregnant. She came to Kathmandu from village to meet him. For some time we three lived together. Slowly my husband started not to show any attention towards me. It was the time of my delivery. He took me to the hospital, left there and didn't come back.

When I was in the hospital I met my cousin's sister's husband. He brought food and helped me in many ways. He then found a room and kept me there. I started to live there with my son. Later on he found me a job at his home. He was also a carpet factory owner. I had to cook food for the carpet workers. My wage was not money, but I could live there and eat without paying and he would also admit my son in the school. I was happy to work there because at least my son would get chance to study.  Time was going well. But after some months he misbehaved by coming to my room in the night. He threatened me to have sexual relationship with him. I have nowhere to go and was compelled to accept what he did. At that time my brother knew that I was there and tried to take me back. But I rejected to go back because the village people would never accept me when they knew everything about me.

So I sent my son with my brother. Slowly the carpet factory owner started to show his real identity. He stopped me talking with anyone and locked me in a room. He kept me in this way for 8 years. He exploited me physically, sexually and psychologically. Then with the help of an organization, I escaped from there. I am supported now by this organisation and I want to start a shop. After that I hope I can earn from the shop and can support my son in his studies.