Help Break the Cycle of Poverty and Exploitation in Nepal

September 4, 2018

A primary way to prevent trafficking is through good education. Let me explain.

Education brings literacy and numeracy. Education brings knowledge and critical thinking. Education brings options. Education gives choices for secure employment. Education brings financial security. Education brings food, safe housing and adequate healthcare. Education brings the hope of a future.

The Generational Cycle of Poverty

Uniform, school books, bags and stationary must be bought for school or a child cannot attend. Destitute mothers in Nepal are unable to afford these costs, so their children cannot go to school.  When children do not go to school, they are sent to work to bring pittance into their poverty-stricken household. Even young children do chores for neighbours or are sent away to ‘friends’ or ‘relatives,’ so their mothers have one less mouth to feed. However, these girls are commonly treated like slaves and abused by the men in the house. Many run away for ‘freedom,’ ‘better jobs’ or tricked by traffickers into brothels in India, the Middle East or into the ‘restaurant’ industry in Kathmandu, working as prostitutes.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Exploitation

It is time for every child to have a good education.  If a child is educated, then their desperate and destitute parents see hope for the future employment of their child and see hope for the future financial support of the whole family. The girls themselves have hope, options and the chance of an independent future.

We are a small organisation in Kathmandu, devoted to preventing the trafficking and abuse of girls and caring for survivors, with the aim of their safe reintegration into the community. We care for girls rescued from sex-trafficking, forced labour and abuse, providing trauma counselling, health care and residential care, both emergency and long-term. And we provide each child with a good education at good schools. Our girls are becoming nurses, administrators, doctors and small business owners. They have hope, financial security, empowerment and respect in the community. They can buy food, secure safe housing and, in time, provide support for the rest of their family.

The Real Cost of a Good Education

It costs us an average of £100 per year for each child for good quality education, including school fees, uniforms, school bags, books and stationary.

However, the donor organisation kindly supporting our education project for many years is closing at the end of this year. Our 130 children need new long-term support to fund their education from 2019.

From 2019, we need:

School Fees:       £12,430

Uniforms:            £240

School Bags:       £105

Books:                   £180

Stationary:          £145

TOTAL:                  £13,100

If you can help, a monthly donation works best for us, then we know how to plan, or contact Learn more at

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela.

By Dr Andrea Ubhi BChD, Chairperson of Asha Nepal.