All the children and young women in our care attend full-time education to at least Year 12, when they can attain their Higher Secondary Level of education. This is the key to an independent future, and central to combating the social crimes of abuse and trafficking.

Education empowers girls to take informed decisions about their lives, to know their rights, to take care of their health, and it leads to employment and self-sufficiency. Education of women can have ripple effects within the family and down generations. It is ultimately the way out of the poverty trap that allows trafficking – with the false lure of a ‘better life’ – to persist.

We strongly believe that “Education is a vehicle for change” so we are keen to invest on good quality education of the children of survivors with the vision that they will choose better livelihood options than their mothers and transform their life and their families. Education is one of the main needs expressed by the survivors women.

Education is a sadly a huge reason for poor mothers to leave a child in institutions with the hope of a better life for their child. We have a community-based scholarship support programme, that provides educational support to prevent children with parents from being institutionalised. 

We have also learnt that with the educational support available even after reintegration, families are keen to have their children with them, with the aim to transfer their life, opening opportunities and sustaining the reintegration we are providing need based scholarship support.

Supported by:  Sanctury For Children, Canada, Click Online Spain, RHEST and Teka Samuha (Nepal) and individual donors. 


  • To ensure a child's right to access to education and to invest in their better future
  • To break the vicious cycle of abuse through good quality education
  • The overall aim is to provide educational expenses for those children whose mothers are survivor of violence and are able to look after them but struggle to pay for school fees and supplies.
  • Specific Objective/ Target:
  • To provide educational expenses to children living in community with their mother, based on their need, till the child completes grade 12.
  • To follow their academic progress by visiting the school and family at their residence


  • Coordinate with schools
  • Conduct admission and pay yearly fees to the school
  • Assess the families' economic changes during the year to identify the continued need
  • Provide stationeries and school supplies as per the need
  • Visit schools at least 3 monthly for updates
  • Meet the child monthly to follow the progress of a child. 
  • Keep the child’s file up to date

One Mother's Story

Maya is the mother of two children with with HIV.  She comes from a remote village and is now living in Kathmandu.

Maya had an arranged marriage, and they had a daughter. Her husband went to India for work, and while he was away, the in-laws were so cruel, that she had to leave home.

After leaving, she met another man and she gave birth to a son. After some years, her husband also went abroad to earn money. After her husband went away, her parents in-law started sending negative rumours to their son while he was away. This made her husband doubt her. Consequently, he stopped sending money, but she hoped that her husband would learn the truth and come back for her.

Her son became very sick, and was rushed into hospital. They found that had HIV.  Maya had the HIV test, and hers too came positive. Her in-laws and the community began to hate Maya blame her for what had happened. Her son got sicker, but the family did not help. Circumstances became so difficult that she had to leave her husband's family and this community. 

So she came Kathmandu in search of organisations who could help her. She was referred to Asha Nepal, and we provided emergency social welfare support and helped her become financially independent. And we provide educational support for her son. 

Now Maya she is capable of working on her own. She is empowered to deal with her problems, however large or small. she has developed sense of hope for future and seems encouraged to live.