Sexual & Physical Abuse

Sexual and physical abuse

Sexual abuse of minors is an increasing issue in Nepal, possibly fired by the ease of access to exteme pornography, and in response to the volume of media coverage of high-profile rape cases in India. Many children are physically and/or sexually abused in the home environment. In cases of rape or assault by a male member of the family, the wider family is more likely to support the perpetrator than the child.

Figures also show that the majority of women in Nepal are physically abused by their partners. This includes forced sexual activities. Many victims of sexual abuse, rape and sexual attack, rather than finding comfort and support from their families, are deemed to be guilty and unclean and are cast out onto the streets. 

Asha Nepal cares for increasing numbers of girls in our Children’s Reintegration Centre and Foster Homes who are victims of sexual abuse in the family.

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Peter talks with one of our girls
Peter talks with one of our girls