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Asha Girls' Centre

In 2014 we opened our second residential children's centre. This is specifically for girls aged 14-18 who have been trafficked and forced out of their family, and who wish to be in full-time education. Our research (Looking Towards Tomorrow: A Study on the Reintegration of Trafficking Survivors, 2012) shows that rescued girls entering low-grade employment face a difficult and often abusive future. Education to School Leaving Certificate (SLC) standard, along with support into meaningful employment through our Job Coordination Programme, is the key to a truly self-sufficient future for these girls.

Aside from formal education, activities at the Asha Girls' Centre include counselling, therapeutic care (eg dance and motion therapy), job coordination, healthcare and communal activities. Overseen by a full-time house mother and live-in non-formal education teacher, the girls run the home and look after themselves.