Case Studies

Sita's story

My name is Sita. My permanent house is in Sindhupalchowk district. I am from a lower class family. We were 7 members at home - 5 children including parents. I had to do every household work even in my childhood so that I could not get opportunities to study in school. I had to work at home from early morning till late night . The hardworking at home made me so weak so I decided to leave home and went to Kathmandu without telling anything to my parents. I started to work in carpet factory in...

Nanda's story

Nanda, 16, was married when she was seven, and moved in with her husband on her 14th birthday. She is from Nepalgung; her husband's family live in a village two hours' walk away. She was visiting her mother in Nepalgung and had been left alone in the house when a man professing to be a friend of the family came into the home. He offered Nanda sweetmeats, which she ate. She started to feel distracted and confused. The man suggested they go for a walk; though unhappy she was unable to refuse...

Kopila's story

Kopila, a girl living near to the Nepal/India border, was taken by a local police inspector to a nearby police station on the pretext that he had work for her. He kept her in a second floor office for four hours until all the day staff had left for the night. She was raped by the inspector and locked in the room. Approximately one hour later he returned with three other policemen. All four of the gang-raped her. She was held until morning and then sent home, warned not to tell anyone...