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Asha Nepal is a small organisation in Kathmandu that is devoted to preventing trafficking and abuse of girls and women in Nepal, caring for those affected by these issues and facilitating their safe reintegration into their communities.

We create awareness of the issues facing young girls in Nepal today: sex and caste discrimination, trafficking for sex, forced labour and human organs, and sexual and physical abuse. We do this through awareness campaigns for young people in schools and nationally through our “Keeping SAFE” Facebook page.

We care for girls and teenagers that have been rescued from sex-trafficking and abuse in our residential safe homes, providing trauma counselling, health support and education.

Where possible, we work with the children’s troubled and impoverished families in their communities, offering counselling, life skills training, short term economic support, skill development, help with job placement and seed loans for small business start-ups.  When the parents are able to get back on their feet economically and emotionally, then they can support their own children in a safe home environment, and we can reintegrate the child back into their family. Then we provide long term social welfare follow up support for the reintegrated children through this Family Preservation Programme.

In a few cases, reintegration is not possible or unsafe, so these children are cared for long-term in one of our Foster Homes by a house mother and in a family environment. They receive education, life skills and vocational training. When they are older and able to be self sufficient, then they move into shared accommodation in the local community, still with the long term support of the social team at Asha.