Asha Nepal has more than 100 children affected by trafficking and abuse in our care. We are committed to ensuring they receive a good education. Around 50% of the children receive full residential care, while the remainder often need additional levels of support from healthcare and counselling to food and family income support.

The children are girls aged 6 to 18 years old and boys aged 6 to 11. Our main aim is to create a safe, self-sufficient future for them, but life can remain very hard for young people affected by trafficking and sexual abuse; they may be rejected by their families and communities, and rendered casteless. Even when they have left our care, our door is always open to them. In 2014, for example, we gave seed loans to two former beneficiaries, who needed funding to set up their own small business.  

Some donors like to sponsor an individual child, but as the individuals in our care fluctuate - new children arrive, while others are able to return to their families - our sponsorships fund a child's place in one of our residential units.

Funds cover school and admission fees, board and lodging, school uniform, casual clothes, edding, books, stationery, exam fees and extra curricular activities such as Jeet Kun Do, dance, morality and rights, cultural and fun outings, as well as local administration.

Please make an annual or monthly donation - all you have to do is visit our MyDonate or JustGiving page and select a donation amount. Select the 'monthly' option if you would like to make a regular payment.

Alternatively, if you would rather set up a standing order direct from your bank account, please fill in the form below. We will contact you with our bank details.

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